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Feed Homemade Dog Food – Without Needing To Make It

By Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Breed Selection Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books

Last Updated: October, 2019

I often get emails from dog owners after they've read my articles on homemade dog food and kibble and canned food.

These owners had never realized there were so many disadvantages and risks of giving their dog commercial kibble or canned foods, and now they're concerned that they're not doing right by their dog.

They would love to feed homemade, but....

  • Some owners don't think they have the skill or the know-how – "which recipes are best? how much of each ingredient to use? what about vitamins and minerals?"
  • Some owners are concerned about the time it would take to shop for the ingredients, cook the meals, store the leftovers, and clean up the mess. Their lives are already full with work, the kids, chores, recreation....
  • Some owners are worried about the expense.

NomNomNow homemade dog food

If you're one of those owners, I have good news: I've found a solution for you.

I've partnered with a company called NomNomNow – that's a memorable name, isn't it? They'll make homemade meals for your dog and deliver them (free shipping) right to your door.

Even better.... in addition to free shipping, I've arranged for you to get $60 off simply by following my link here or at the bottom of this page. I'll get a small commission that helps me keep my website up and running and you'll get a special $60 off deal that you can't get anywhere else. So pop over to NomNomNow and check out the discounted offer and try these tasty meals for your hungry dog.

Each homemade meal comes wrapped in a vacuum-sealed wrapper. All you need to do is take the meal out of its wrapper, warm it up, and put it in your dog's bowl. Couldn't be easier.

You might be thinking, "What's the catch? low-quality ingredients? wildly expensive?"

Not at all. The motto of my website is Honest Advice About Dogs, so I wouldn't recommend anything that I thought had a "catch." I really like this company and this food. In fact, it checks all the boxes....

✓ made with the freshest, human-grade, restaurant-quality ingredients

✓ prepared in the company's private, FDA-compliant kitchens in California and Tennessee

✓ recipes are formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist

✓ individually portioned meals meet your own dog's specific nutritional needs

✓ meals are delivered fresh, not frozen

✓ quick and easy to serve

✓ priced right, including free delivery to all 48 contiguous US states

✓ discounts for multi-dog families

✓ unbeatable guarantee

✓ dogs love it

The INGREDIENTS are fresh, human-grade, USDA-inspected

NomNomNow uses only premium-quality ingredients from the United States. This is restaurant-quality food, with USDA-inspected meat.

The RECIPES include lots of meat and veggies – no junk fillers

NomNomNow offers several recipes you can choose from, each recipe headed by a different meat (beef, chicken, or turkey), plus dog-healthy vegetables. There's also an egg-based recipe if your dog has a health issue that requires less protein.

homemade dog food delivered by NomNomNow

Chicken Chow Wow.... from NomNomNow! You can see the sweet potato, yellow squash, chicken, and spinach. So delicious and nutritious that we could eat it.

For most dogs, I recommend NomNomNow's grain-free Chicken Chow-Wow recipe.... yes, Chicken Chow-Wow!

Chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, spinach.... (plus all the necessary vitamins and minerals). The same kind of meal you would cook at home, but already prepared and delivered right to your door.

NomNomNow's recipes are designed and balanced for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. The veterinarian who formulates the recipes is Dr. Justin Shmalberg DVM, Clinical Associate Professor and Board-Certified Specialist in Clinical Nutrition.

The FACILITY includes two state-of-the-art kitchens (California and Tennessee)

Your dog's human-grade meals are prepared in a kitchen in California or Tennessee (whichever is closest to you), which is 100% owned and controlled by NomNomNow. The kitchen is inspected and approved for the preparation of food for human consumption, which means it passes restaurant-standard safety inspections. That's a thousand percent better than the icky processing facilities used by most other dog food companies.

NomNomNow is determined to keep your dog's meals SAFE

So many dog food companies have been forced to recall their canned and kibble products due to contamination and toxicity. Usually it's because they use questionable sources for their ingredients or share their processing facilities with other companies.

NomNomNow has never had a recall.

They use only the freshest, premium ingredients from the United States.

Their kitchens have never failed a safety inspection – and I mean rigorous safety inspections based on restaurant standards. And they don't share their kitchens with anyone.

The meals are PACKAGED in vacuum-sealed, tear-open pouches

NomNomNow delivers the right amount of homemade food for your dog

Here's your dog's meal being measured into a vacuum-sealed pouch to keep it perfectly fresh. Each pouch holds exactly the right amount for your individual dog.

Each meal is gently cooked (by hand) and portioned (by hand) into a pouch – exactly the right amount for your dog.

You decide whether you want NomNomNow to ship you a week's worth of meals, or two weeks' worth, or a month's worth.

You always get two meals per day, because dogs should eat at least two meals per day. So if you order a week's worth of food, you'll receive 14 meals.

The meals are shipped in an insulated box with ice packs to keep them cool.

You store the meals in your refrigerator or freezer.

At meal time, you tear open a pouch, warm it up, and serve. No measuring. No cooking. No mess. Just quick and easy homemade food.

PRICE depends on your particular dog

On the NomNomNow website, you'll answer a few questions about your dog and choose a recipe – again, I recommend Chicken Chow-Wow for most dogs. It's grain-free (dogs don't digest grains well) and it has the best proportions of protein, fat, and carbs.

Based on your dog's age, weight, and activity level, NomNomNow will determine how much food is ideal for your dog, and quote a free, no-obligation price.

Remember.... for a limited time, if you follow my link to get your custom quote, you'll get $60 OFF.

NomNomNow homemade dog food

Your quote is 100% free and no-obligation.

Rated the #1 Dog Food Meal Delivery Service

A leading review site rates NomNomNow as the top dog food in the personalized dog food delivery market.

"Our top pick, NomNomNow stole the show. Your order is cooked fresh every week and customized to your dog's weight, age, and health goals."

What do NomNomNow customers report?

  • Day 1 – Excitement at meal time
  • Week 2 – Smaller stools, more energy
  • Week 4 – Shinier coat, improved allergy symptoms
  • Month 3 – Hit weight loss goals, more stamina
  • Month 8 – Fewer vet visits, reduced medication

The NomNomNow GUARANTEE is pretty interesting

If you don't see a difference in your dog after 30 days of feeding NomNomNow, they will buy your dog's next diet.

As you can guess, they're not worried about having to make good on that guarantee. I think that after you try NomNomNow, you won't put your dog back on kibble or canned. Especially if you let your dog vote!

To sum up

✓  NomNomNow is a great alternative to making your own homemade food.

✓  It's healthier and safer than kibble or canned.

✓  It's made with the freshest, human-grade, restaurant-quality ingredients.

✓  It's prepared in the company's private, FDA-compliant kitchens in California and Tennessee.

✓  The recipes are formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist.

✓  The individually portioned meals meet your dog's nutritional needs.

✓  The meals are delivered fresh, not frozen.

✓  The meals are quick and easy to serve; just tear open the pouch.

✓  It's priced right, including free delivery to all 48 contiguous US states.

✓  There are discounts for multi-dog families.

✓  The company offers a generous guarantee.

✓  Dogs love it.

If you buy dog food from NomNomNow, I get a small commission – enough that I can keep writing honest reviews and keep my website free to the public.... but not nearly enough for me to buy a new puppy!

Get your free quote from NomNomNow and grab that special time-limited $60 discount....

Get your quote from NomNomNow

Michele Welton with BuffyAbout the author: Michele Welton has over 40 years of experience as a Dog Trainer, Dog Breed Consultant, and founder of three Dog Training Centers. An expert researcher and author of 15 books about dogs, she loves helping people choose, train, and care for their dogs.

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