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These Dog Training Videos Turned Buddy Into a Good Dog

By Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Breed Selection Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books

Dog suggesting you watch these training videos

Buddy needed training, so I suggested that his owner check out the online videos done by "Doggy Dan". You can watch them on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

So Karen says to me, "I'm pulling my hair out, Michele, and it's all Buddy's fault! That dog is so.... well, frustrating."

Karen went on and on about how Buddy wasn't trained right as a puppy and now his quirks and behavior problems are driving her crazy.

Then she surprised me with a question.

"I love your books Michele, but I think I may need to see the training techniques in action. Have you made any dog training videos?"

Karen is right. Sometimes videos are better than reading. But my researching and writing have kept me more than busy, so I haven't made any of my own videos.

But I have found someone I'm happy to recommend.

Introducing "Doggy Dan" The Online Dog Trainer

Trainer Doggy Dan

Dan Abdelnoor (Doggy Dan), world-class trainer, author, animal welfare enthusiast, endorsed by the SPCA

I'd like to introduce Daniel Abdelnoor, known professionally as "Doggy Dan."

Dan is a world-class dog trainer based in New Zealand. His video-based dog and puppy training site, The Online Dog Trainer, is the best and fastest-growing dog training solution available.

Training methods: Dan's training methods, like mine, are based on respect and leadership – not food bribes, pain, or cruelty. And he's exceptionally good in front of the camera – as you'll soon see.

Videos: Dan's videos show you the correct techniques in action. You'll hear the proper tones of voice to use with your dog, and feel the emotions to project for your dog's benefit. Dogs are especially reactive to your body language, so it's a big plus to have all these things correctly modeled for you to copy. The videos also show how beautifully the dogs respond.

Personal Consultations: Doggy Dan supports his videos with personal consultations. You can connect with him online, ask him questions, even show him videos of your dog's problem if you want. He'll analyze your situation, prescribe a solution, and help you implement it.

Endorsements: Doggy Dan is endorsed by the New Zealand SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They know that owners are far less likely to return their rescue dog if they follow Dan's training. And of course, I endorse him too.

Doggy Dan has Special Videos for Training Puppies

Trainer Doggy Dan with Moses

Trainer Doggy Dan shows you how to raise and train your new puppy.

Here's a picture of Dan with his new puppy, Moses – a mixed breed adopted from the SPCA shelter. They star together in a series of videos documenting how to raise and train a puppy. His popular "Project Moses" videos are ideal for showing you, step by step, what to do and what not to do with your puppy. (Don't worry. Potty training is covered.)

It's fun to see how Doggy Dan responds to all the typical issues puppies have, and how Moses responds to Dan's training techniques.

I hope you don't consider it a plot spoiler if I tell you that Moses turns into a terrific adult family dog who gets along with Dan, his wife, their young children, and their other family dogs.

Doggy Dan has lots of other puppy training videos, audio lessons, downloadable articles, and printable summaries of his guidelines and techniques.

Trainer Doggy Dan with two dogs

Doggy Dan with two of his well-behaved adult dogs. Dan's Five Golden Rules made them the good dogs they are today.

Dan also has Videos to Help You Train an Adult Dog

Do you need help with correcting a specific dog behavior that either worries you or just drives you crazy?

not coming when called


pulling on the leash


jumping on people


Doggy Dan's videos have the answers you're looking for. He gets rave reviews because his techniques are easy to implement, and positive results are surprisingly rapid.

How does he do it?

First, he teaches Five Golden Rules that will transform your relationship with your dog, turning him into a calm, happy, and respectful follower who recognizes you as the leader.

Second, Dan provides a huge library of videos with step-by-step instructions for solving specific behavior problems. These videos document live consultations with clients so you can see and hear Doggy Dan in action with real cases. He also does voice-overs for you that fully explain what he's doing so you can copy what he does.

How Did Doggy Dan's Videos Work For Buddy?

Buddy recommends Doggy Dan

Buddy likes Doggy Dan! So does his owner, Karen. She wishes she had started watching these videos when Buddy was still a puppy!

Remember at the top of this article where I told you about Buddy, who was driving his owner crazy? Karen enjoyed my books, but like many people, she found it helpful to see training techniques in action.

I'm happy to report that Karen took my advice and checked out Doggy Dan's videos. Well she loved them, and it didn't take long before she had Buddy's misbehaviors completely turned around. He's doing great now, and Karen is happy. So is Buddy.

I'm a writer, but I know that sometimes videos are better than books!

Doggy Dan's Online Training Videos: In a Nutshell

Training method:

  • Based on respect and leadership
  • No clickers, no shock collars
  • No pain or cruelty
  • Follows the natural instincts of how dogs perceive the world
  • Learn to present yourself so your dog chooses to please you
  • Endorsed by the SPCA

You get access to:

  • Five Golden Rules to make you the leader and your dog the follower
  • 8 Everyday Tools and Techniques that all dogs understand
  • over 250 dog training videos (new ones every week)
  • lots of audio courses and programs (new ones every week)
  • lots of PDF eBooks
  • lots of articles
  • unlimited consultations in Doggy Dan's online forum

Ease of use:

Compter, tablet, mobile device

Works on all computers, tablets, and phones.

  • You can access the site from any computer, laptop or phone.
  • Learn at your own pace. You'll be surprised at how rapidly your dog responds once you stop repeating what doesn't work and start following Doggy Dan's tips and techniques.


  • $1 trial for three days. If you stay on, it's $37 a month. Cancel anytime. 60 day money back guarantee.

Customer satisfaction:

  • Very high
  • Those who have actually used the program with their dogs give it a near perfect star rating.
  • You can read customer comments when you visit Dan's site on a trial basis.

Comparison: I'm pleased to say the satisfaction feedback I get from yourpurebredpuppy customers is about the same as Doggy Dan's. That's because we both deliver what we promise.

Can I watch a sample of Doggy Dan's videos?

Yes! That's what we're going to do next.

Here's a screenshot from Doggy Dan's page. See the five dog training topics? When you get to his page, click the topic you're most interested in, and you'll see a great video.

screenshot of Doggy Dan's website

Doggy Dan's videos are the easiest way to....

a good dog

an obedient dog

the perfect family companion

Doggy Dan with two of his dogs

Doggy Dan with two of his well-behaved dogs

All of Doggy Dan's training is based on respect and leadership – the best methods.

Step by step directions for what to do and what to avoid.

How to raise a puppy so typical puppy issues never become problems.

What to do if your adult dog already has problems.

Doggy Dan's introductory video will explain everything he can do for you, complete with before-and-after clips of him working his magic with a variety of dogs.

Dan will give you a chance to sample his dog training wisdom, and test out his methods with your own dog.

You'll see positive results in only a few days.... proof that Doggy Dan's program is exactly what your dog needs.

If you join Doggy Dan's community of dog lovers, I get a small commission – enough that I can keep writing honest reviews and keep my website free to the public.... but not nearly enough for me to buy a new puppy!

Take me to Doggy Dan's videos

Yes, please! Take me to see Doggy Dan's introductory video

Michele Welton with BuffyAbout the author: Michele Welton has over 40 years of experience as a Dog Trainer, Dog Breed Consultant, and founder of three Dog Training Centers. An expert researcher and author of 15 books about dogs, she loves helping people choose, train, and care for their dogs.

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