A dog who respects you will do what you say, and will stop what he's doing when you tell him "No." I will show you how to teach YOUR dog to be a respectful dog who listens to you and does what you say.

Tippy, the famous cover dog of Teach Your Dog 100 English Words

"My name is Tippy (guess why?) and now I'm a smart, well-behaved dog because my owner read this web page!"

My name is Michele Welton and I've been working with dogs for over 35 years as an obedience instructor, canine psychologist, and dog breed advisor. I've also written 15 books on choosing, raising, and training dogs. Since you're reading this page, I'm guessing you're interested in dog training, so let's talk about that.

Tell me if I'm right.... when you got your dog, you were hoping that he would be the kind of dog who listens to you. Who understands what you say. Who does what you say.

We all want a dog like that.

But often it doesn't work out that way.

Take Taz, for example. Some years ago in Southern California, I got a phone call from a dog owner who wanted me to help solve some behavioral issues with her dog, a little Schipperke. "How soon can you come?" she asked, with a hint of desperation.

I came the next day. As we were sitting at the dining table, her husband came in with the dog.

Actually, that's an understatement.


Taz was a Schipperke, about 12 inches high and 12 pounds. Bold, inquisitive, independent... training Taz was going to be a challenge!

What happened was.... a small black bundle streaked into the dining room, pursued by a gentleman running in a bent-over position with his arms outstretched.

Hop Hop! went the dog as he bounded onto the dining room chair and then on top of the table. Dashing past my face, he paused at the fruit bowl to snatch up a grape. Then he launched himself off the table, sailing through the air with all four legs outstretched like a black flying squirrel.

He landed effortlessly on the back of the sofa. Hop! Hop! to the floor and a mad dash across the room, whirling in circles to elude capture from the grabbing husband.

And then (I still see this image sometimes in my dreams), the little doggie climbed the drapes.... macrame drapes.... and walked across the rod like a nimble cat. Still clutching his filched grape.

That was Taz. Short for Tasmanian Devil. In my 35 years of experience, no dog had worse behavior problems than Taz.

I know YOUR dog isn't like Taz. And yet....

Do any of these behaviors look familiar?

Housebreaking accident

Housebreaking "accidents"

Dog barking

Barks too much

Dog won't let go of things

Won't let go of things

Dog jumping on people

Jumps on people

Dog getting into trash

Gets into trash

Dog pesters you when you're busy

Demands attention

Dog growling, guarding food

Growls, guards food

Dog pulling on leash

Pulls on leash!

Aggressive dog

Aggressive on leash

Dog struggles during bath

Struggles, resists

Dog stealing food

Steals food

Dog chasing cat

Chases the cat

Mischievous dog pulling tablecloth

Mischievous, gets into trouble

Dog with flowerpot on head

NOW what???

If your dog does any of the things above, don't feel bad. You're not alone. For 40 years, dog owners have been calling or emailing me with these same problems. And many hundreds of owners have hired me to HELP them with these problems.

Cuckoo dog out of controlIn my experience, 99 out of 100 owners say their dog's behavior "could be better".

How do you get your dog's behavior to be better?

obedience class

Obedience classes are too hectic and the exercises your dog learns are not very useful.

Not by obedience training! That may surprise you, coming from an obedience instructor. But it's true.

When your dog goes to obedience class, he learns to sit, stay, lie down, come.... on-leash. Performing a few boring exercises on-leash doesn't stop behavior problems. Lots of dogs "ace" an obedience class. But as soon as they get home and the leash comes off, they go right back to misbehaving.

In fact, I've competed at many obedience trials where the top-winning dog was a holy terror as soon as he exited the ring.

When your dog barks too much, pees in the house, or jumps all over people, a handsome obedience ribbon or certificate doesn't help much.

No, obedience training won't get your dog to listen to you. But Respect Training will. Respect Training is MORE than obedience training.

Respect Training teaches your dog to:

  • Listen to you.
  • Pay attention to you.
  • Follow your directions.
  • Let you do ANYTHING with him.
  • Stop doing whatever he's doing when you say, "No."

When your dog respects you, he looks up to you. He will do anything for you, and he trusts you to do anything with him. A respect-based relationship is what makes a dog a terrific companion.

Teach Your Dog 100 English Words book cover

New Second Edition!

That's why I wrote Teach Your Dog 100 English Words.... to show you how to raise a well-behaved dog by teaching him useful, practical words – and you must teach them in a safe and specific way that instills in him a respectful attitude.

You'll learn all the right things to say and do so that your dog listens to you. You'll learn what to do if you tell him to do something and he doesn't obey. All dogs misbehave at one time or another. How you respond when your dog misbehaves is very, very important. If you respond the wrong way, your dog will keep misbehaving. Respond the right way and he will start listening to you.

No hitting.  No yelling.  No choke collars.  No clickers.

checkmarkSo if you have a new puppy and you want him to grow up with excellent behavior, you can start right away establishing the right relationship of respect. Then you will never see behavior problems in your dog.

checkmarkIf you have a dog who is currently misbehaving, you've lost his respect. But not to worry.... I'll show you how to get it back.

What will your dog learn in Teach Your Dog 100 English Words?

Well, it might be quicker to tell you what he won't learn – he won't learn how to herd sheep. Sorry! What he WILL learn is everything he needs to know to be an excellent family companion.

Dog stealing food off table

Quick.... someone send her a copy of my book. Follow my respect training progam and your dog won't take things behind your back!

Your dog will learn to:

  • Immediately stop whatever he's doing when you say "No." Remember all those misbehaving dogs in the pics above? You'll be able to stop every one of those behaviors with a single word. This is the most important lesson your dog will ever learn.... I'll show you exactly how to teach it. (Chapter 4)
  • Listen attentively when spoken to. Imagine a dog who pays close attention to what you say!
  • Go to the bathroom where you want him to go – and nowhere else. (Chapters 36-42)
  • "Come" when called. Always. (Chapter 14)
  • Never run away from you. Never.
  • Stop barking when you tell him to. (Chapter 11)
  • Greet guests politely. No jumping on people. (complete cure in Chapter 4)

Puppy chewing on shoe

Oh, yes, he's cute! But boots are expensive, shoelaces can strangle his intestines, and a puppy who is destroying your belongings is learning to be DISrespectful. I'll show you how to channel your cute little guy's playfulness into good manners.

More of what your dog will learn in Teach Your Dog 100 English Words

Respect your belongings, which means leave them alone and don't chew them up!

Accept touching on any part of his body. No more struggling or fussing when you try to groom or bathe him, or when you brush his teeth or clip his nails. (Chapter 16)

Walk politely on the leash. No more towing you down the street. (Chapter 8)

Lie down when told – and STAY lying down for up to a half-hour – even if you walk away. (Chapter 29)

Take treats gently from your hand. No grabbing.
(Chapter 18)

Get along peacefully with strangers and other dogs. (Chapters 45-46)

Open his mouth and let go when you need to take something from him. No more tug-of-war with your socks and underwear. (Chapter 21)

Golden Retriever

"It's like this light bulb went on in their heads"

"I have three Goldens who are good natured goofballs. I love them dearly but when they get excited they don't pay much attention to me. I tried just a few of your suggestions and it's like this light bulb went on in their heads. This is a great program Michele."

– Deb Gulick

Dogs waiting inside an open door without running out

My dogs waiting patiently inside the house, won't cross the threshold. This isn't even our house. We were visiting, and when I stepped outside, I told the dogs to "Wait" inside. Your dogs can learn this, too!

Dogs waiting inside an open door without running out

Dogs waiting patiently inside the house, won't cross the threshold

For your dog's well-being, he absolutely must know how to...

  • WAIT inside your door or gate or car when it opens – until you tell him he can pass through. When you think of how often doors and gates open, this lesson alone is worth the price of the whole book. (Chapter 10)
  • Drop whatever is in his mouth when you tell him to. You never know what sort of trash he might pick up when going for a walk. (Chapter 21)
  • Lie down quickly when you give an Emergency Hand Signal when he's running or playing in the distance. This can be a true lifesaver if you suddenly need to stop your dog in his tracks. (Chapter 30)
  • And did I mention coming when called? Every single time. Yes, you can have a dog who always comes when called! (Step by step instructions: Chapter 14)

Train your dog AT HOME

Attentive puppy

This young lady has learned my secrets for teaching her puppy to be attentive and to respect her.

I wrote Teach Your Dog 100 English Words so you could train your dog yourself. At your own pace. In the privacy of your own home.

Without needing to spend $50 or $100 on obedience classes. Without needing to drive to class every week. Without having a dozen other owners and dogs milling around you.

I've taught public obedience classes, you see. Several hundred public obedience classes. Believe me, they can be barking bedlam. Not the best environment for learning, for your dog OR for you. It's just too hectic.

And many of those classes are teaching the "cookie" method, where your dog obeys only when he's hungry for a treat. With my Respect Training Program, your dog will obey you ALL the time. Because he respects you.

Cocker Spaniel playing fetch

Fetch is a fun game to play, and great exercise. Using the methods in my book, many dogs can be taught to fetch a ball, stuffed toy, or frisbee.

Your dog will learn lots of FUN words, too! He will learn how to.....

  • Play fetch, retrieving his ball or toy when you throw it. (Chapter 23)
  • Do 17 tricks! (Chapter 28)
  • Recognize people's names, and search for a specific person who is hiding. (Also known as Hide 'n Seek!) (Chapter 26)
  • Search for a specific toy that you ask him to find and bring to you. Lots of fun and a very impressive skill in front of your friends. (Chapter 24)
  • More....and more....and more.... you and your dog will love this program!


"Now he minds me and has settled down"

"My puppy Jiro was bouncing off the walls and I was at my wits end. He was a kind puppy but would not listen. Your book explained how to handle misbehaviors in ways that were very sensible. When I started doing this, Jiro understood and now he minds me and has settled down. I am so pleased."

– Aiko Yoshida

Basset Hound observing your behavior

Your dog watches your facial expressions and body language whenever you tell him to do something. If you want your dog to listen to you and do what you say, you need to interact with him in all the right ways.... all the time. Then he will listen to you.... all the time.

Things YOU will learn while successfully training your dog

Your dog is not the only one who will learn good behaviors from my book. You need to learn some new behaviors, too!

You see, most of your dog's behaviors depend on YOUR behaviors.

That's right, whenever you do anything with your dog, he observes your tone of voice, the expression on your face, your "body language", and how you respond when he does "this" or "that."

As soon as you start doing those things RIGHT, your dog will start paying attention to you. I'll show you how to interact with your dog in all the right ways that make him respect you.

In Teach Your Dog 100 English Words, you will learn:

  • What to do if you say "No!" and your dog doesn't stop what he's doing. (Chapter 4) The "No" command is the most important of all. You'll use it to stop any and all misbehavior. You must teach this word perfectly.
  • What you should do if you call your dog and he doesn't come. (Chapter 14)
  • How to stop your dog from pulling on the leash. (Chapter 8)

HINT: This isn't how you do it!

Great Dane pulling on leash
  • How much petting and cuddling is TOO MUCH – and why it isn't good for your dog. (Chapter 13)
  • 3 things you should never do if your dog is afraid of something. (Chapter 45)
  • How to deal with a dog who is afraid of thunderstorms, firecrackers, or other loud noises. (Chapter 12)
  • Why some dogs "pee" when they get excited or nervous – and how to cure it. (Chapter 43)
  • A step-by-step socialization program to encourage your dog to get along well with other people and with other dogs and cats. (Chapter 45-46)
  • How to groom your dog without getting into World War III. (Chapter 16)


"A 1000% improvement in his attitude"

"I love my dog Junie, but he was impossible to live with, what with the "accidents" on the floor, chewing the table legs, etc. I was just days away from giving up on him. Now I've seen a 1000% improvement in his attitude toward me. He is his same lovable self but paying attention to me now." – Andi Sheets

"Anyone can follow this program, no experience needed"

"I am completely blown away by your vocabulary and respect program. You've pulled everything together into one solid package of sensible dog training. Anyone can follow this program, no experience needed, and end up with a much better dog."– Andrew Rigatto

"Whatever your dog needs to know, it's in this book"

"In my humble opinion, this is the most practical course on family dog training you will find anywhere." – Dennis Appleberry

"His stubbornness is completely gone"

"This book tells you not only what does work, but what doesn't. Before I bought your book I was doing a lot of the "Doesn't work" and it showed in my Dobermann's stubborn behavior. Now I'm doing what you tell me "Does work" and his stubbornness is completely gone." – Joseph Adinaro

"Easy to understand and follow"

"No dog owner can afford to be WITHOUT this book. It is the most sensible teaching program I've ever read. The lessons are easy to understand and easy to follow." – Connie Hiller

Teach Your Dog 100 English Words is my best-selling, most popular book. I'd like you to have it for just $24.

I'd also like to give you, absolutely free when you order Teach Your Dog, another book that will make a big difference in your dog's life – 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy. Your dog's future health depends on the way you're raising him today.... and there are 11 things you must get right. So I want to give you this book for free.

In fact, I want to give you 7 free books when you order Teach Your Dog 100 English Words.

Free bonus books that will help you care for your dog

11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy Free dog health book

11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Bonus Book # 1.... Feeding, vaccinations, neutering, physical exercise, mental exercise, grooming, safety, much more! Follow the 11 Things You Must Do Right and your dog should live a long, healthy life and seldom need to visit the vet.

Symptom Checker From Nose To Tail Symptom Checker From Nose To Tail Free dog health book

Symptom Checker: The Nose To Tail Checkup

Bonus Book # 2.... Use this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to check your dog's health on a regular basis, so you can catch health problems when they're still minor and easy to correct. Tells you exactly what's normal and abnormal on every part of your dog's body.

Purebred Problems: Health Profiles for 165 Dog Breeds Purebred Problems: Health Profiles for 165 Dog Breeds Free dog health book

Purebred Problems: Health Profiles By Breed

Bonus Book # 3.... It's hard to find honest information about health problems because breeders don't want to admit to problems in their favorite breed. But I've done the digging for you! Now you'll know which health problems to be especially watchful for in your breed.

Safest Remedies: Treatment Options Safest Remedies: Treatment Options Free dog health book

Safest Remedies For Canine Health Problems

Bonus Book # 4.... This is the book to turn to if your dog develops any health problem. You'll learn about symptoms, diagnosis, and the most effective treatments with the fewest side effects. You'll even learn when inexpensive at-home treatments are better options than going to the vet.

Test Your Dog's IQ Test Your Dog's IQ Free dog health book

Test Your Dog's IQ

Bonus Book # 5.... Is your dog smarter than your best friend's dog? You'll never know until you test him! These 25 fun tests measure your dog's intelligence and problem-solving skills. Find out how smart your dog really is....or isn't!

Dog Quest Dog Quest Free dog buying guide

Dog Quest: Find the Dog of Your Dreams

Bonus Book # 6....Purebred, crossbred, or mixed.... male or female.... puppy or adult...... should you buy from a breeder or adopt from rescue? So many questions!

You don't want a mismatch, or a puppy with serious behavioral issues or health problems that cost a fortune.

I'll guide you through your journey of choosing and finding the best dog for your family – what kind of dog is best for you, where to get your dog, and which individual puppy (or adult dog) you should pick.

Respect Training For Puppies Respect Training For Adult Dogs Respect Training For Puppies Respect Training For Adult Dogs Free training book

Respect Training – (choose one)

Bonus Book # 7.... Your choice: Respect Training For Puppies or Respect Training For Adult Dogs.

Follow my Respect Training Program and your pup will be calm, polite, and well-behaved.

This complete package of books covers all the bases of training and caring for your dog.

That's why I want you to have them ALL.... for just $24.

I charge so little for my books because I know they will make your dog's life better..... and that will make YOUR life better. I would much rather have many owners read my books for a lower price than have fewer owners read them for a higher price. My compensation would be the same either way, but at the lower price more owners and dogs benefit.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Money back guaranteeI offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Plain and simple, if you're not satisfied with my book within 30 days, I'll refund your money. I'm a respected author, and I want you to be happy!

I'm absolutely confident that you will be. Dog owners have been buying my books online since 2002 and my refund rate is an infinitesimal 0.1%. That means 999 people out of a thousand are satisfied. I'm pretty happy about that!

To sum up....

Attentive Labrador Retriever

Teach Your Dog 100 English Words is extremely clear and easy to read. Everything is laid out for you.... what to do.... what not to do.

Every vocabulary word your dog needs to know to be a top-notch canine citizen is included.

More importantly, I'll show you how to teach those words to your dog in specific ways so that he respects you. Then he will pay attention to you and follow your directions. All the time. I guarantee it.

Order Teach Your Dog 100 English Words

Teach Your Dog 100 English Words cover

Money back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee

Follow my Respect Training program and your dog will look right at you, listen to your words, and do what you say.

No hitting. No choke collars or shock collars. No clicker training.

checkmarkI'll show you how to teach all the vocabulary words your dog needs to know, plus calmness, gentleness, acceptance of being handled, housebreaking, crate training, come when called, greet people politely, stop barking, walk nicely on a leash, get along with other pets, obedience training, and much more.

checkmarkI'll show you how to teach your dog to stop doing whatever he's doing when you say, "No" and I'll tell you what to do if you tell your dog to do something and he doesn't listen to you.

checkmarkMy Respect Training program has been tested with puppies and adult dogs of all ages and all breeds. So, yes... it will work with your dog!

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