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Your Purebred Puppy, An Honest Guide to Purebred Dogs and Dog Breeds

By Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Breed Selection Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books

Expert, professional, honest advice about dogs

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Dog Breed Reviews

Pros and cons of 180 dog breeds – what's good about 'em, what's bad about 'em.

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Dog & Puppy Training

I'll help you train your dog to be well-behaved – my practical balanced training method is based on respect.

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Dog Feeding & Health Care

My sensible feeding & health care advice will help your dog live a longer, happier life.

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Finding a Good Dog

Everything you need to know about breeders, pedigrees, health checks, rescue dogs, purebred and crossbred puppies.... so you don't get stuck with a risky pet.

Michele Welton with BuffyAbout the author: Michele Welton has over 40 years of experience as a Dog Trainer, Dog Breed Consultant, and founder of three Dog Training Centers. An expert researcher and author of 15 books about dogs, she loves helping people choose, train, and care for their dogs.

My best-selling books will help you train and care for your dog

book coverRespect Training For Puppies: 30 seconds to a calm, polite, well-behaved puppy. For puppies 2 to 18 months old. Your puppy will learn the 21 skills that all family dogs need to know.
If your dog is over 18 months, you'll want book coverRespect Training For Adult Dogs: 30 seconds to a calm, polite, well-behaved dog. Again your dog will learn the 21 skills that all family dogs need to know.
book coverTeach Your Dog 100 English Words is a unique Vocabulary and Respect Training Program that will teach your adult dog to listen to you and do what you say.
book cover11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy helps your dog live a longer, healthier life.
book coverDog Quest: Find The Dog Of Your Dreams will help you find a good-tempered, healthy family companion.