Get 7 of Michele Welton's puppy books for $24.... If you don't yet have your puppy, this package of 7 books is for you. Includes choosing the right pup, finding the right breeder or rescue group, the purchase/adoption process, plus puppy training and daily care, good manners, feeding, vaccinations, symptom checker, spaying and neutering... everything you need to raise and train a great pup!

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Book # 1

Purebred, crossbred, or mixed.... male or female.... puppy or adult...... should you buy from a breeder or adopt from rescue? So many questions!

You don't want a mismatch, or a puppy with serious behavioral issues or health problems that cost a fortune.

I'll guide you through your journey of choosing and finding the best dog for your family – what kind of dog is best for you, where to get your dog, and which individual puppy (or adult dog) you should pick.

Choosing the right puppy or dog

Which puppy is right for YOU? I'll help you choose!

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Book # 2

30 seconds to a calm, polite, well-behaved puppy.... yes, 30 seconds!

Puppy training is about Teachable Moments.... short moments throughout the day where your puppy tries out various behaviors and you give either a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down. Those quick interactions determine whether your pup will be calm, polite, and well-behaved.... or not.... so you must get them right.

Respect Training for Puppies shows you how to use those quick moments to teach your puppy calmness, gentleness, good manners, acceptance of being handled, housebreaking, come when called, greet people politely, stop barking, walk nicely on a leash, and more.

Follow my proven program in Respect Training for Puppies and your pup will look right at you, listen to your words, and do what you say.

Step by step instructions, written in a friendly, conversational style that's easy to read.

For puppies two to 18 months old.

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Book # 3

There are 11 things you must do right for your pup to live a long, healthy life. Feeding the right diet is #1 and in this book I'll tell you all about the best and worst dog foods.

Plus up-to-date advice on booster shots – the guidelines for vaccinations have changed dramatically, but unfortunately some vets are still following vaccination schedules that maximize their profits rather than what's safest for your puppy.

Plus pros and cons of neutering (don't do this at the wrong age).

Plus physical exercise (11 different options), mental exercise to keep your pup's brain healthy and avoid doggy dementia later in life (yes, this really occurs in dogs), my personal advice on fencing, grooming, flea prevention, heartworm prevention, and much more.

Follow the 11 Things You Must Do Right and your pup should live a long, healthy life and seldom need to visit the vet.

An eye-opening book! Guaranteed to surprise you with page after page of Dog Care Wisdom that will make a big difference in your pup's life.

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Books # 4, 5, and 6

Symptom Checker From Nose To Tail is a step by step guide to catching health problems most dog owners would miss, while they're still minor and easy to correct.

Every breed has different health problems. Purebred Problems: Health Problems By Breed tells you which health problems to be especially watchful for in your breed.

Safest Remedies For Canine Health Problems is the book to turn to when your puppy develops any health problem. You'll discover the most effective treatments with the fewest side effects. You'll also learn when inexpensive at-home treatments are better options than going to the vet. That will save you time and money.

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Book # 7

Find out how smart your dog really is – or isn't!

When I was writing this book, I used two of our dogs (a Poodle and a Chihuahua) as "guinea pigs." I was pretty sure I knew who was going to score well and who wasn't. But on some tests, they really surprised me!

On Test #17, for example, the Brilliant One just sat there, perplexed. Meanwhile, the Other One – who has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you get my drift – quickly solved her own problem, then dashed over to solve the Brilliant One's problem as well.

I'm glad my husband filmed the whole thing. We will always treasure this video.

I hope you'll decide that today is the day to make those kinds of memories with your own dog. 25 challenging (and fun) tests that will measure his intelligence and problem-solving skills. What is your pup's true IQ?

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