Need help choosing the best dog breed for your family? Dog Breed Consultant Michele Welton will help you choose which dog breeds are best for you.

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I'll help you choose the right dog breed for your family.

By Michele Welton. Copyright © 2000-2019

Variety of dog breeds

  1. When you order my Dog Breed Consulting Service, you'll fill out a comprehensive questionnaire that asks you about yourself, your family and lifestyle, and the characteristics you're looking for in a dog. You can write as much as you want.
  2. I will read and evaluate your questionnaire personally. I won't palm you off on any assistant. You'll be working exclusively with me.
  3. I will email you a detailed report with my recommendations of which breeds I think are the best matches for you – and why. And if you're already considering certain breeds, I'll tell you whether or not they seem like good matches for you – and why.

    This is not a simple list of breeds churned out by a computer program. I spend a full hour personally evaluating your questionnaire and writing a detailed report.

You can trust my expertise

checkmarkI've been teaching people how to choose, buy, raise, and train their dogs for over 35 years.

checkmarkI'm the author of 15 books on choosing and caring for dogs, cats, and pet birds.

checkmarkMy advice on raising and training dogs has been featured in newspaper columns and on television.

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Choosing the right dog breed is so important

A major cause of problems between an owner and his dog is that the dog doesn't suit the owner – or the owner doesn't suit the dog.

If you choose a breed for the wrong reasons.... because you like its shape, or its fluffy coat, or its angelic face, or because there happens to be a litter handy, or because your Uncle Bob had one "who could practically talk"...

In a few months, you may discover, to your dismay, that you have started a 10- to 15-year relationship with an incompatible breed. Then you and your dog will end up in a discouraging battle as you struggle to change his natural characteristics to ones that you would prefer. Usually you don't win this battle – and it's definitely no fun.

Man thinking about dog breeds

Even if you already have an idea of which breed you might want...

Are you sure you've made the right choice? You might be missing something!

I've been helping people choose dogs for over 35 years. I know the questions to ask that reveal the kind of dog that's best suited to your family and lifestyle. And I can tell you about uncommon dog breeds that you may not have considered.

There's a lot of hidden information about dog breeds. I know the pros AND cons of all the breeds and I'm honest about them. I will tell you whether the breeds you're considering are good choices for you – or not. Won't you feel better knowing that your choice has been double-checked by an expert?

Plus you'll receive 7 FREE books

Order my Dog Breed Consulting Service and you'll receive a detailed report with my personal recommendations for the breeds that I think are most suitable to you.....PLUS 7 books of my dog books that will help you find, raise, train, and care for your new dog.

Special Free Book #1:
Dog Quest: Find The Dog Of Your Dreams

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Free bonus

Dog Quest helps you decide whether you should get a male or female dog, a puppy or adult. You'll also learn where you should GET your dog – the pros and cons of breeders, animal shelters, rescue groups, pet shops, and people giving their dog away. You'll learn how to do step-by-step temperament tests on any dog you're considering bringing home that will tell you whether or not he should make a good safe pet.

Special Free Book #2:
Purebred Problems: Health Problems By Breed

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Free bonus

Before you buy a dog, you need to know which health problems are most common in that breed. This information can be hard to find, because many breeders don't want you to know that their breed has a lot of health problems! Don't buy a puppy of any breed until you've read this information.

Special Free Book #3:
Teach Your Dog 100 English Words

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Free bonus

My best-selling dog training book shows you how to turn your new puppy into the well-behaved companion you've always wanted. Includes house training, RESPECT training (so your puppy pays attention to you and does what you say), obedience training, and all the vocabulary words your puppy needs to know to grow into an intelligent, well-behaved dog.

Special Free Book #4:
11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

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Free bonus

Feeding, vaccinations, neutering, and keeping your new puppy safe and healthy so that he will live a long life and seldom need to see the vet. Read this book BEFORE your bring your puppy home – so you'll be prepared. You'd be amazed at how much mis-information there is about about raising a dog today. This book will be your trusty source of the correct information.

Special Free Book #5:
Test Your Dog's IQ

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Free bonus

These 25 IQ tests will measure your dog's learning ability, problem-solving ability, curiosity, memory, and observation skills. These IQ tests are challenging for your dog – and a lot of fun for both of you. Your dog will receive an actual number that corresponds to his IQ!

Special Free Book #6:
Symptom Checker From Nose To Tail

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Free bonus

This step-by-step guide shows you how to catch problems that most dog owners would miss. You'll learn how to examine your dog in your own home, so you can detect health problems while they're still minor and easy to correct.

Special Free Book #7:
Safest Remedies For Canine Health Problems

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Free bonus

Safest Remedies is the book to turn to if your dog develops any health problem. You'll learn about the most effective treatments with the fewest side effects. You'll learn when inexpensive at-home treatments are better options than going to the vet. And when you DO go to the vet, you'll learn how to avoid unnecessary tests and treatments.

PDF ebookYour 7 books are INSTANT DOWNLOADS (ebooks)

You download the books and read them on your computer screen. You can use a Windows or Mac laptop, or any tablet or smartphone. You can download your books immediately and start reading right away.

Buffy at 7 weeks old

Here's one of my dogs when she was only 7 weeks old. She is an absolute joy to live with. She loves everyone she meets, and everyone loves her.

If you're serious about wanting a Good Dog, I can definitely help you to:

checkmarkchoose the kind of dog that's right for YOU

checkmarkfind a source that offers genetically-healthy dogs

checkmarkselect the right individual puppy or adult dog

checkmarkteach your puppy to do what you say and be well-behaved

checkmarkraise him in all the right ways so he'll live a long healthy life

Is my Breed Consulting Service right for you?

This is a personalized service. I do all the work myself and I spend about 90 minutes on each questionnaire. So I can only accept a limited number of clients. There are 3 requirements you must meet:

  1. There MUST be an adult home most of the day. (Why?)
  2. You MUST have a yard with a physical fence. (Why?)
  3. You must be looking for an INDOOR dog. (Why?)

I'm so sorry, but I'm currently booked up for the next 6 months, so am not accepting new clients at this time.

The cost of my consulting package is $90, so you can save money by purchasing my dog buying guide, Dog Quest, for only $24.

Plus you'll receive all the other books described above.....FREE.

Learn more about Dog Quest: Find The Dog Of Your Dreams