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How to care for your Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies): the most honest advice you'll ever find about Yorkshire Terrier puppies and adult dogs. Feeding, training, and health care.

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Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Review

Dog breed reviewWhat's Good About 'Em,
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The most honest dog breed review you'll ever find. Temperament, personality, behavior, traits, and characteristics. As an Obedience Instructor and Breed Selection Consultant for over 30 years, I give you my honest opinions about the breed – I hold nothing back.

Yorkshire Terrier FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the traits and characteristics of Yorkshire Terriers.

Training Yorkshire Terriers

I'll show you how to teach your Yorkshire Terrier puppy or adult dog to listen to you and do what you say. My training methods are based on respect and sensible leadership. No hitting, yelling, choke collars, shock collars, or clicker training.

Yorkshire Terrier Health & Feeding

Learn about the best dog foods, vaccinations and booster shots (needed or not?), natural treatments for Yorkshire Terrier health problems, spaying and neutering pros and cons, and more.

Buying or Adopting a Yorkshire Terrier

Good breeders versus bad breeders – how to tell the difference. Adopting your Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue group. Temperament tests for evaluating Yorkshire Terrier puppies and adult dogs for sale or adoption.

Quick Tips about Yorkshire Terriers

Also known as
Yorkshire Terrier Size
Yorkshire Terriers can weigh from 2 pounds to 12 pounds. The smaller ones are often called Teacup Yorkies, Tiny Toy Yorkies, or Extreme Tiny Yorkies, but these are not different varieties or breeds. They're simply made-up marketing terms designed to lure you into paying high prices for smaller individuals, who are no more "special" than larger individuals.

Yorkshire Terrier Coat
Yorkies have a long coat, but it can be sheared short for easy brushing and an adorable "perpetual puppy" look.
Yorkshire Terrior