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Good breeders versus bad breeders -- how to tell the difference! Temperament tests for evaluating Bolognese puppies and adult dogs for sale and adoption.

Bolognese dog breed
Gucci, owned by Janah Yu

Buying or adopting a Bolognese

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Girl hugging a dog Adopting a Bolognese From Rescue
Pros and cons of adopting a dog from a rescue group.

Symbols for male and female Male Dogs versus Female Dogs
Which one makes a better pet?

Scale Dog Breeders: How To Find a Good Bolognese Breeder
How to tell the difference between good breeders and clueless breeders.

Girl holding up a puppy and looking at him How To Choose a Good Bolognese Puppy
How to test the temperament and personality of Bolognese puppies and pick the best puppy in a litter.

Puppy in a pet shop window Pet Shop Puppies: Buying a Bolognese Puppy From a Pet Store
Oh, I have plenty to say about buying a puppy from a pet shop!