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Let's practice a's easy!

I'm going to walk you through step-by-step instructions for downloading a small test file, which is a short funny story about a parrot. It's perfectly safe, I promise. If you can download and read this story, you'll know you can do a download. Then you can order your ebook with confidence!

You may want to print this page right now, so you'll have it in front of you to refer to.

If you have a PC with Windows

  1. Click your RIGHT mouse button on the blue link below......

    TEST FILE (a short funny story about a parrot)

    Why?Don't click your LEFT mouse your RIGHT button.

  2. A gray box will appear. Click on Save Target As or Save Link As or Save File As.
  3. Another gray box will appear. Make sure the  SaveIn slot specifies Desktop for where to save the file. If it doesn't say Desktop, click on the V-shaped down arrow and choose Desktop.
  4. Click the Save button to do the download. It's a tiny file, so it will take only a few seconds.
  5. Now go to your Desktop and look for testfile.pdf

    Acrobat Reader icon

  6. To read the file, open your Adobe Reader program. Many computers will open Adobe Reader FOR you if you simply double-click your mouse button on the testfile.pdf icon on your Desktop. In fact, not only will Adobe Reader open, but also your test file will open so you can read the funny story about the parrot. Now you know you can download and save, so go ahead and order your ebooks!
  7. Less helpful computers will make you open Adobe Reader yourself. Often Adobe Reader will be an icon on your Desktop and you can open it by double-clicking on it. If it's not on your Desktop, click your Windows Start button, choose "Programs" and see if Adobe Reader is listed.

    Once Adobe Reader is open, in the top menu click on "File", then "Open". In the gray box that appears, make sure the  LookIn  slot specifies Desktop. If it doesn't say Desktop, click on the V-shaped down arrow and choose Desktop. You'll see a list of files on your Desktop. Click on testfile.pdf, click the Open button, and voila! There's your story.

If you have a Mac

If your mouse has two buttons, follow the same steps as for a PC (above).

If your mouse has only one button, hold down the control key on your keyboard while you click on this
TEST FILE. This should bring up a gray box (see PC instruction #2 above) that lets you download and save the file.

If the control-click trick doesn't work for you, just go ahead and click on the link and the file will automatically download so you can read it. is not yet saved for you to read again in the future. To save it, go to your browser's top menu and click on "File" then "Save As." A gray box will appear where you can specify where you want the file to be saved. Choose Desktop so you'll be able to find it easily. If you don't specify where you want the file saved, your Mac will save it to a default Downloads folder and you'll need to go looking for it.

To read the file, follow PC instructions 5-6 above and use your Adobe Reader program. The Mac often tries to open its default PDF reader, Preview. However, some versions of Preview have a bug where it asks for a password to view the file, even though no password is required. So I recommend reading your ebooks with Adobe Reader.

If you have an iPad

  1. Download the free iBooks app from the App Center. That's the most important step!
  2. PRESS AND HOLD your finger on TEST FILE
  3. A box should pop up that gives you the option to "Open in iBooks". Tap that. Now you can read the funny story about the parrot AND iBooks will automatically save the story in your iBooks library for reading at any time.
  4. Now.....sometimes the box that pops up doesn't give you the option to "Open in iBooks"....sometimes it just says "Open."

    It's okay to click "Open".....BUT as soon as the story displays on your screen, look at the upper right corner of your screen -- the words "Open in iBooks" should appear there. Sometimes it takes as long as 10 seconds for them to appear, so be patient. If it doesn't appear, try tapping the upper right corner (just beneath the Google search box or just beneath your browser tabs). Sometimes "Open in iBooks" appears, then disappears, so you might have to tap a couple of times.

    The point MUST click some button that says
    Open in iBooks else the file will not be saved on your iPad.

    Once the file is saved in your iBooks library, you can read it whenever you want to by opening iBooks. If you don't see the file, tap the "COLLECTIONS" button and select "PDFs."

If you absolutely cannot get "Open in iBooks" to appear, you have a couple of options: