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How smart is your dog? Test Your Dog's IQ includes 25 intelligence tests for dogs that will reveal how intelligent your dog is.

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Smart dog reading a book

Test Your Dog's IQ

A few dogs are geniuses.

Many dogs are bright.

Most dogs are average.

Quite a few dogs are below average.

And some poor souls couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat.

Which one of those is YOUR dog? And how can you tell?

Most owners believe their dog is pretty smart.

White dog sitting and lifting paw to shake"My dog knows how to sit and lie down and do tricks. So he must be smart!"

Well, not necessarily. Obedience is not the same thing as intelligence. In dogs, intelligence equates more with quick thinking in new situations and creativity in solving problems. A dog with an eager-to-please personality may work hard to learn and do whatever you want, and you might mistake this desirable personality attribute as intelligence.

Dog leading owner around on the leash"My dog is so smart he knows how to get away with NOT doing what he's told! He's too smart for me!"

Not necessarily. DISobedience has no more bearing on intelligence than obedience does. Rude and disrespectful behavior simply means that you haven't established the proper pecking order in your household. Rude and disrespectful behavior says something negative about YOU (sorry!) – not something positive about your dog.

Blue dog"My dog is a Dwarf Curlyhaired Pumpkinhead, and all Dwarf Curlyhaired Pumpkinheads are known to be extremely intelligent.

Not really, no. Every fan of every breed naturally likes to assert that their breed is extremely intelligent, but the reality is that very few breeds have had superior reasoning skills "hardwired" into their genes so that all members of the breed inherit this trait. The vast majority of breeders today focus on structure, size, coat, color, and an amiable personality. True intelligence is not a sought-after trait in purebred dogs.

In addition, most people who claim high intelligence for their breed have owned only a few dogs of that breed, or they've owned many dogs in that breed but very few other breeds – so what are they comparing theirs dogs with?

Finally, most people who claim high intelligence for their breed haven't done any actual testing of intelligence. Sure, he may have successfully opened the back gate once, but that doesn't tell you HOW intelligent he is.

On the other hand, some owners believe their dog is downright DUMB.

Sad dog"My dog is so dumb he flunked out of obedience school." or "My dog doesn't understand or do anything I tell him."

That doesn't mean your dog is dumb. In fact, 9 times out of 10, it's the owner who flunked out of obedience school, the owner who hasn't learned how to communicate with his dog in the ways that dogs understand, the owner who has failed to teach the proper Leader-Follower relationship to his dog. Just because a dog doesn't do what he's told, doesn't mean he's dumb. (Of course, it doesn't mean he's smart, either!)

No, you can't judge intelligence (or the lack of it)
by whether your dog follows your commands or not.

So how can you REALLY tell how smart your dog is?

Test Your Dog's IQ

In Test Your Dog's IQ, I'll show you how to test your dog's intelligence with 25 fun and easy-to-follow tests that measure your dog's

  • Learning ability
  • Problem-solving
  • Memory
  • Curiosity

Test Your Dog's IQ is easy to read – humorous, too!

These IQ tests are very entertaining, because your dog will do things you never would have predicted. You should have a friend videotape these tests so you can play it back later and laugh! Woman filming a boy with his dog

Your dog will receive an actual number that corresponds to his IQ, and whatever it turns out to be – whether genius or below average – I'll give you specific suggestions for how to train your dog so he can reach his greatest potential. Different dogs should be treated differently, each one according to his own abilities.

Test Your Dog's IQ is an eBook

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